Why Choose Us?

Reasons why you should choose a personal travel agent

  1. Using my service is free as I earn my commissions from cruise companies and other vendors.
  2. I will do all the work from research to booking.
  3. I will save you time, so you do not need to look through the overwhelming amount of online information.
  4. You will have one person handling your booking and do not need to explain everything again to a different customer service rep every time you have a question or need an update. No more, press this number for one service or another for a different one.
  5. I will be there for you in times of emergency, such as wanting to change a flight last minute, name change or emergency cancellations.
  6. You are less likely to run into surprises when you show up at a resort.
  7. Your holiday will be completely personalised.
  8. It will not cost you any more than booking yourself, and in fact most of the times it will be cheaper, as I have access to deals and special offers not visible to regular consumers.
  9. I can put together more flexible and complicated itineraries.
  10. I am also better positioned to handle large groups with a variety of needs and special requests.
  11. I will make sure you are aware of all fees and other charges that may show up later.
  12. I remain your single point of contact for anything travel related you need from the time you start planning until after you get back from your trip.
  13. I will help you find the best possible options for your budget.
  14. I can easily tell you if a package is a good deal or not.
  15. I can leverage relationships with vendors and partners to get you additional perks.
  16. I will make sure you are aware about any complimentary offers or specials you are entitled to.
  17. I will see that all your special needs and or special request are met whenever possible.
  18. I do not give feedback based on emotions or personal preference. They deliver the facts and allow you to make an educated decision.
  19. I will tell you when the best times are to travel to your desired destinations, based on your budget or local conditions.
  20. I am your advocate in case something goes wrong on your trip and you need someone to go to bat for you to ensure you get compensated.