Northern Europe

Set to explore the best of Paris including the Notre Dame Cathedral and the Arc de Triomphe. Step back in time at the ruins of Pampiee or the museums of Paris – then on to London, where Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace await.

The stark beauty, geography and history of the British Isles and Northern Europe make for an unforgettable experience. Cruise to such popular places in United Kingdom, as London, Dublin, Edinburg and Cornwall. Or, explore the fjords and cities of Norway, Iceland and Greenland on voyages to Northern Europe.

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Highlights Of Northern Europe

Amsterdam – Holland

Radiating out from the Dam Square, the historic centre of the city is ringed by quaint canals and cobbled streets, thronged with bicycles, tourists, house-boats, students, and street performers.

Copenhagen – Denmark

The waterside city of Copenhagen is packed with old-world fairy-tale charm alongside some of the world’s most avante garde architecture.

St Petersburg – Russia

St. Petersburg is a city of arched bridges, winding canals, wide boulevards, elegant palaces, impressive squares and ornate churches, and as such is often referred to as the ‘Venice of the North’.

Tallin – Estonia

Estonia’s ancient seacoast capital exudes a sense of romantic history, being one of the most completely preserved medieval cities in Europe.

Stockholm – Sweden

Stockholm, the historic metropolis with a small town heart boasts a multitude of museums, an abundance of restaurants, a plethora of parks, fun fairs, a never-ending nightlife and a rich cultural life.

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