Cruises from Newcastle

Cruises from Newcastle, as the list below shows, there is a great choice of cruises from the port of Tyne, Newcastle.

Port Of Tyne Newcastle

From the port of Tyne you can cruise to Northern Europe, Scandinavia and Scotland. You can also cruise to the stunning Spanish and Portuguese regions from Newcastle. Embark on a cruise from Newcastle and go in search of highland and fjord land scenes or natural wonders in Iceland and Norway such as the Northern Lights. Or, cruise to the Baltics and visit classic Russia cities such as St Petersburg (usually with an overnight stop) Baltic itineraries could also visit Tallin in Estonia as well as cities in Sweden, Denmark and Germany. Cruise closer to home and visit the scenic lochs and isles of Scotland or visit Antwerp and Amsterdam in Belgium and Holland. Newcastle is a great city itself and with its excellent road and rail connections why not take the opportunity to visit and have 1 or 2 nights there before the cruise.